The largest European open fairs for young scientists, XII MILSET Expo Sciences Europe (ESE) for the first time took place in Poland. Our host city was Gdynia called „a City from the Sea and the Dreams” as it was entirely built as a main Polish sea port in the period between First and Second World War. Over 300 participants from 27 countries presented 119 innovative projects through an exhibition in a multi-cultural environment. The programme of the ESE Gdynia 2018 included variety of activities: the exhibition of projects, cultural and scientific visits, leisure activities, workshops, animation and trainings.

Official video of MILSET Expo Sciences Europe Gdynia 2018


Dobry Pomysł (Good Idea) is a pilot project of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology providing support and mentoring to individual innovators in Poland operated jointly by Polish Development Fund (leader), the High Tech Foundation, the FIRE Foundation and INVESTIN Group.

The High Tech Foundation is responsible for selection and recruitment processes, analytical support as well as promotion activities.

Photo of Minister Ms. Jadwiga Emilewicz (right) and representatives of the consortium members taken at Warsaw Stock Exchange after signing the cooperation agreement.